July 11, 2012

One Nemisis

This app needs to exist.

I'm pretty sure you can find the same information on Facebook.


  1. Haha, very appropriate. I am planning a Facebook purge this week because I have way too many "acquaintances you'll never see again" and far too few "good friends".

  2. I know what that's like but there are always those people I feel like I can't unfriend because they are co-workers or were but are still FB friends with actual friends and yeah.

  3. I mostly don't unfriend people because I like to snoop when they post pictures. I get all "WOW, that is an UGLY baby!!" or "Did no one tell her to look at the BACK of her wedding dress in the mirror? Because there are some serious back fat issues going on there..."

    Basically, I'm a judgmental bitch on Facebook when it comes to acquaintances I'll never see again!!