July 06, 2012

New House: Day 2

Okay so trying to get stuff done and not knowing where my iPod went caused photos of the progress to be unavailable and posts to go by the wayside. So for anyone actually paying attention to my blog, these have been pre-dated to match up with, well, a calendar.

Dad spent the entire day installing a new hose for the dryer. There was a vinyl one which is considered a safety hazard these days. So he took out the other one and discovered that the hole to outside wasn't actually circular or one of the sizes that exists in the i-dont-know-the-actual-word-for-the-metal-tube-he-was-messing-with metal tube. I guess he did spend about 1/2 hour of the day hooking up the washer so not the WHOLE day on the dryer, but I'd say at least 12-14 hours. This included something like 4 trips to Lowe's for more supplies.

They work!
Mom "didn't know which paint went in which room" and I guess I don't have a phone, so spend the day gardening. Really, I think she just wanted to garden. Which is fine, but why's she gotta lie about it? </bad grammar>
Also now I get to take care of said plants. Sigh.
Sam started painting her room. Looks pretty dang amazing. but the color looks better when you're not also seeing the blue she painted over.
Oh yeah, the air conditioner was also installed on day 1 but not photographed till this one.
I moved in the memory foam mattress topper from my bed. It will be serving as my actual bed until Sam gets her bed as I have lent her my mattress until then.
The orange is even worse in real life but my phone couldn't capture the terribleness.
So what did I do all this time? I didn't want to take off work so I was doing that, and then was tired when I joined the new-house-party but I did locate the worlds longest ethernet cable and activated our internet.
Pretty sweet color in the living room also.
Stay tuned for yet another episode coming soon to an internet near you!

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