November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble

I wanted all of you to know that you were all with me in spirit at my Thanksgiving dinner and would like you to now experience it with me!

Now, for anyone using a feed reader, go to my actual blog to see my awesome Thanksgiving layout I created just for you.

That's ice cream, not cheese,

November 23, 2011

Garfield's Thanksgiving

Since I'm *planning* on writing an actual post tomorrow, I'll post this today! Yay Garfield's Thanksgiving! P.S. I am so sad that these aren't on TV anymore. It's criminal. Really.

November 21, 2011

The Lennings

I decided to take a break from TV as the media for Media Monday. It's only cause I've not been creative and the screenshots are so fun that I haven't been mixing it up more. But then again, once all my shows are on break it's gonna be a bit of a struggle and I'll regret not saving this for then.

Anyway! This cover of "You're the One That I Want" (yeah from Grease), by  the Lennings, was in Parenthood last week and I loved it and here it is. I had to steal it from the internet, so if you want to see it in its original location go here.

If you miss the screen shots this week, go subscribe to my tumblr page cause I'll post them there instead.

November 18, 2011

I Did Miss My Bed...

I took a little sojourn to West Palm Beach-ish, Florida to visit my uncle and his family for a few days. It's all warm and pretty there (yay new, fun photos!). It was sad leaving so soon but alas, gotta pay the bills somehow.

The beach about a mile from my uncle's house. I don't know who the dude in the photo is. Just now noticed him.

I also missed my very dark curtains. The sun is quite evil in the morning when trying to sleep.

November 06, 2011

That Time I Took A Coffee Break...

GOOD MORNING! Okay I know it's not morning, unless you're reading this in the morning any day after I post this, in which case... whatever. Anyway. 

So something exciting and blog related I did was I made my very own font on my blog picture handwriting. I know aren't you jealous that YOU didn't spend the time to do the same? But it will make adding text to my pictures a million times easier which means more posts for you (in theory)! We'll see how that works out. So here's a sample of it:
Yeah it looks like I just wrote it but that's because I did, except only each letter once with no copy/pasting. I'm not completely happy with it and will probably tweek some letters at some point.

Also this week, I debuted my first comic strip. I've been wanting to do something like that with my pictures for a while now but couldn't figure out how to do that exactly until now. So get ready to be bombarded with comic versions of my hilarious one liners I will blow your minds with. I considered reposting the one from Thursday but decided to grace you with a new one instead! And then after today they will be separate from the Sunday comics. Also I'm taking suggestions for a name for my comic for when it becomes crazy popular and all the news papers want it.
Every workplace has one of these guys

So, I'm not really sure how it happened but I forgot to include my recipe link in last weeks post. What that means is TWO this week!
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie
Just in time for Thanksgiving, this is the perfect combination of pumpkin pie and cheese cake! You get the best of both treats!

And this week's recipe:
Shrimp Cevice
I don't really have anything to say about this except that it's yummy :)

That's all I can think of for now so I'm off! Have a fantastic week!


November 04, 2011


Let's name the zones, the zones, the zones. Let's name the zones of the ocean sea!!!!!

I could only find a video clip in Spanish... I decided to go with it.