February 25, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Sex Pants

February screen shot round up! I didn't mean to wait so long to post all of these but oh well and here they are.

Quote of the month goes to Donna Nellie on The Office:

Neither will I.... Neither will I.

Me too! I guess one day I can be the President of NBC also.

Conan= always amazing.

There's my answer.

TBS is saving everything I love. Maybe Community will find a new home there?

Yayyyyyyyy. 6 months later.


"Ohhhhh. Oh."

When I'm bein' unintentionally lazy, the first thing I do is stop sayin' my "g"s

Thumb Wars!!!

Everyone says I have sass mouth.

I cannot even imagine.


Not a big fan of what they were trying to do with mic guy.


Apparently I am also a foodie.

I bet you do.

February 22, 2013

Air and Space and Spies Oh My!

A couple, going on several weeks ago, Kirsti quite conveniently for me, was only a few hours away at University of Maryland for two weeks. I hopped in my car and met up with her for some crazy capers cunning schemes funtivities.

First we went to the Air and Space Museum.
We saw spy planes...
Teenie helicopters...
The Enola Gay...
Other planes as well.
We saw the Discovery Space Shuttle...
and Christmas ornament satellites
We considered seeing The Hobbit in IMax but it was expensive and not until later.
We then headed to Bethesda because there's a famous cupcake place or something. Before getting cupcakes we looked for somewhere to eat. We were going to eat at a place that serves a salad that includes angel hair pasta, wontons and honey mustard dressing along with the regular salad ingredients.
Parker's, apparently
But instead chose the Thai place Kirsti originally wanted to go to, which got my immediate approval once I saw the starfish door pulls. 
Tara Thai
We then waited in line for cupcakes.
Georgetown Cupcake
And managed to each choose only two "one for now and one for later"
I chose Caramel Praline Crunch and Red Velvet
Back in College Park, Kirsti had mentioned that there was a statue of the ridiculous mascot that is Testudo the Turtle. "Fear the Turtle" is their slogan. "We need to find it and take photos of it like people do with the Nittany Lion."
Kirsti obliged and took a normal photo with Testudo.
I insisted on sitting on him like the Nittany Lion.
When Google image searching to see if people actually flock to the turtle to get photos, I found that they do but not nearly as much as Penn Staters, and also that apparantly the thing they do with testudo is to leave garbage around him. I'm guessing thats not really why they leave stuff but I don't get it. 
We head into DC for dinner and there's a Pizza place right off the subway. Pete's "Apizza"pronounced A-peetz." We were confused but I realized that If you actually listen to how it's said it sounds like "Pizza Pete's." Ahhhh I get it... It was good.
The we found a Target and it had not only wine (crazy to someone from PA)...
and an escalator for the carts.
I mocked and then decided I had to have this Union Jack eye shadow.
Back into DC...
We stopped by the FBI building where I forgot that White Collar takes place in New York
Then went to our main destination: The Spy Museum.
Featuring an exhibit of 50 years of Bond villains.
Mmmmm redundancy...
The spy mobile, I know that's not really what it's called.
Oh and we weren't *technically allowed to take photos but I did find a couple of photo taking thingies that you can pose for photos in front of... if no one is walking through the shot because there's stuff to see. I guess they were banking on not being all that busy. 
They take your picture when you get there. You'd think for the $20 admission price a digital copy would be free not $30. I took a screenshot of the preview. 
Why didn't we do Charlie's Angels!? (aside from not knowing
what the background would be?)
Famished after all the learning about spies we did we sought out a restaurant for lunch. They didn't have the one thing I wanted so I settled on beer battered chicken fingers. Really good but I still wish they had the lamb au jus I wanted.