June 30, 2011

Sports World

A few years ago a few work friends and I decided that we all needed to get together outside of work and do something super fun. We decided that we should go miniature golfing. When rain was forecasted for the day we all had off Bob came up with another option. Sports World. At Sports World, which I was just learning about,  there are arcade games, batting cages, bumper cars and best of all, indoor miniature golf! It sounded perfect. 

We loaded up Bob's car. He *thought* he remembered where it was and how to get there. So off we went.
Yayyyy! Sports World!!!
We drove for a while, looking for it along the road, until we determined that we passed it or went the wrong way. 
Where could it be? :(

We stopped somewhere so that Bob could call someone and ask where it is. Chelsea and I went into the Starbucks and got some yummy frapuccinos so that the day wouldn't be wasted.
We changed seats when we made the stop.
Bob got the location and we got back on the road. Back the way we came. We scoured the buildings we passed for the elusive sports world. After going up and down the Rt. 46 a couple of times we found it! It was literally a hole in the ground. Bulldozed to the ground and cleared away. 
Pile of dirt where Sports World used to be.
Sad and defeated, we cut our losses and headed to a restaurant for an early dinner. On the way there we saw some other places we could have gone instead.
Carpet World: Not Sports World.
Boater's World: Not Sports World.
 We also spotted the coolest vehicle in the whole (not sports) world!
Baskin Robins "Traffic Scoop Coupe"

June 17, 2011

My Garden State

As promised, here are some non-PA, non-Japan photos. They are of a little brook in my parent's neighborhood back in NJ. I like that they show the "Garden" part of "Garden State." :P

June 10, 2011

Monkeying Around

I don't have any new photos from my film camera, so we're back to Japan photos this week. I really must go somewhere else. Next week I should not only have photos taken on film, but also from NJ instead of PA! w00t w00t! Anyway. There was this place in Japan that just had all these monkeys just walking around, hanging around. We bought monkey food to feed them which is why they were all gathered around us. It was pretty neat (yep, I really just said "neat") and they were super cute! 

I have no idea what this sign says, don't ask.
I look really "adult" in this photo. That's my bro. We look more like each other than either of our rents.

June 03, 2011


I did take these with my SLR but I guess I loaded my film wrong so I was happy that I also took them with my digi. I decided to share two with you today, just cause... well I don't really have a reason. 

These are some tulips that are on the side of a road by an apartment complex's sign. I like how pretty they are but how they are usually ignored.

I don't really know what this is about. It's also abandoned, on the side of the road and surrounded by apartment complexes. You would think someone would want to do something with the land and yet this lonely one-car garage stands by itself amongst the brush.  I wonder if there's anything in it!