July 30, 2013


Scrapbook studio on wheels. It seems excessive but it holds everything I need and makes it easy to grab everything. One day I want to open an actual scrapbook studio where people can come and scrapbook and pay me to do so but I suspect I will not.

July 19, 2013

Baby Steps

The real reason I decided to buy a solar phone charger was so that I could charge my phone anywhere. I just got it so we'll see how well it works. But as of two days ago (upon watching No Impact Man), I'm striving to be greener than ever and this lil guy's arrival was ever so appropriate.

It will be pretty cool if I can get by charging my iPod, iPad and phone - yes, that's a Blackberry - strictly by solar power. It's not a lot but every bit counts right? I'm also going to be refusing to use anything disposable when I can avoid it such as plates, utensils, cups, and take out containers at work (why use styrofoam when there's cellophane and foil?). Who's with me!?

So what's next? We will both have to wait and see (translation: I don't know yet).

July 15, 2013

Greetings Humans

One of my co-workers got this book which I naturally had to mock immediately. But it actually sounds kind of interesting. Flipping through it, my favorite chapters: Don't Be a Prick, Meeting Creatures, and Secret Titles (titles that don't really mean anything) which I wish I noticed was blurry.

July 09, 2013


Last weekend I went golfing with my parents. I'm not very good, mostly because I don't practice, but my Dad really likes to golf so it's something we do when they visit.

I'm decent at teeing off, meh with my irons, and am usually too impatient once I get to the green to actually try. But I did get a legit bogey on one of the par 3s.