February 18, 2014

Let it Snow

I started composing this post a whole year ago. Unsure as to why I never published it.

So here's one from this year:

4-storms-in-2-weeks' accumulated snow. 15". I used to have a patio.

We got some really wet snow yesterday - really slippery to drive on but left the trees looking really pretty.

February 17, 2014

Return to New York

Back in November the family took a trip into NYC.

We saw the new World Trade Center

The Flatiron Building

And some enormous shrimp the size of my hand at the Eataly market. 

February 14, 2014

Bag Lunch

Today I packed a lunch.

On Fridays I've started craving something more than just coffee for lunch and the place that I buy my coffee sells little cups of pita chips and bruschetta that I've been failing to not buy. My problem with it is that it's $4.25. To me that is too much so I decided to make my own. I've decided to make single portions on Thursday nights so that it actually is still around for when I want it. I get more and it costs less!