January 30, 2013

medicine sushi ghost brace poison share grip pail utensil noodle atom

Every now and then I check my spam folder to see if there's anything that shouldn't be in there. I got this one and knew it was spam but had to click it when I saw the body of the email started:

Dear, medicine sushi ghost brace poison...
When it opened the images were undisplayed as usual but the email looked otherwise blank. Where did that 'medicine sushi ghost brace poison' text come from?
'Control+A' to select all revealed:

Well not that I would have fallen for it anyway but nice try spammer. Couldn't pull the wool over Gmail's eyes with this one.

I'm going to save this and use it for charades and or pictionary.

January 24, 2013

The Price of Free Coffee

I worked in an office that had coffee available around the clock. But it shouldn't have been. I will drink almost any quality of coffee but this was intolerable.

My first work around was instead to drink tea. It just wasn't the same.

Next I tried getting a travel mug/coffee press in one and bring in my own coffee. I had remembered seeing them at Starbucks years ago. Would have been great but far too much of the grounds escaped the plunger and made it un drinkable.

Success came with my idea to find a single serving coffee press along with a mug to drink from. So expansion of my 2nd plan but far more effective.
It also enabled me to make one trip to the kitchen per cup of coffee since I would wait till it was brewed, then clean my coffee press before returning to my desk. The mug/press required returning to the kitchen to clean it before the end of the day. I'm far to forgetful to have been able to bring it to and from work with me each day.

January 23, 2013

Winter Clothes are Like Onions (and Ogres)

I seriously can't remember the last time it was this cold here in central PA. And now that I have a 15 min walk in addition to my drive to campus, I was not messing around yesterday.

1) Hat: I never wear hats. Can't pull em off. Wind chill factor of -11ยบ means making the sacrifice.
2) Extra long wool scarf: I saw this scarf at the Gap years ago and fell in love with it. at what-ever-expensive-price-it-was I almost didn't get it. Until I found it on sale. It's long enough to wrap around my neck and then tie. Most days it's overkill. Yesterday it was wonderful.
3) Thigh length down coat: Purchased for similar coldness that I suffered through when my work day started at 2am. Thanks go to the Gap for putting this on sale in December that year and making it in "tall" meaning the sleeves go all the way to my wrists!
4) Faux fur lined suede gloves: I had to go for the hard core gloved yesterday but the wind still cut right through them. May try two pairs today.
5, 6) Tanktop and sweater: Nothing less on a day like yesterday, wool sweater and a tank top for insulation/itch reduction
7, 8, 9) Tights, thermal pants, jeans: Yup. the tights are thick and opaque too. Wind still cut right through them. I wish leather pants weren't horrible because they are wind resistant.
10) Fuzzy socks: Not thick enough and only went up my ankle making them only an okay choice.
11) Sneakers: My biggest regret. The top has mesh for ventilation. All my boots have heels which makes toes hurt in the cold. Maybe I'll wear my waitress shoes which are (p)leather and have no mesh. They are ugly though.

I was preparing for something like this:
(on all of youtube, this version was all I could find)

The end result: I was comfortably warm in the middle part of my body. My face was cold, my legs feet and hands were cold, and I hated wearing a hat. I may forgo that part of the ensemble in the future.

January 21, 2013

We Don't Need Roads.

Quote of the month goes to: Mob Doctor! Not sure how I feel about this show, but I watch and she's right. I don't actually know any of the characters names.

Then Kevin asked me out.

Ray gets it.

I'm adding this to my resolutions.

I'm going to make my goal finding a taller Michael J Fox with less Parkinson's. I just made myself sad.

I call the guy. Guess I are not a real man.

Why is Cerie still an intern?

Truth. Seriously if you are not watching this yet, why aren't you?

30 Rock, you're my "favorite."

Future bachelorette party activities: Not beer and board games. Sounds amazing.


Total nerd out moment

Yes, that is Doc Brown.

January 14, 2013

Movie Monday: Jan-Feb '13 Edition

I'm going to start posting monthly movie picks by way of giving you trailers to watch. Why should you decide based on my "reviews?" Since it's half way through January already, we're kicking it off going through the end of Feburary as well.

Movies from Jan and Feb 2013 I plan to see so you should too.

Promised Land: Jan 11
I couldnt find a trailer with more John Krasinski in it.

Zero Dark Thirty: Jan 11
If for no other reason I'm going to see it to see Andy not playing Andy.

Struck by Lightning: Jan 11
Seriously who isn't in this movie? Really stretching who can "pass" for highschoolers though.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters: Jan 25
Why aren't there more movies about historical figures/characters hunting fantastical beings?

Warm Bodies: Feb 1
I heard this was done by the Twilight people... I don't care.

Identity Theif: Feb 8
I'm almost glad Gilmore Girls is no longer around so that Melissa McCarthy can be in movies now.

Safe Haven: Feb 14
Probably won't see this opening weekend with all the gross couples all gross and in love.

January 09, 2013

That Time When Someone Prejudged Me On the Internet

This weekend I'm driving down to MD to hang out with Kirsti for the weekend since she's all gonna be in MD for three weeks. W00t!

A couple of my friends jumped at the chance to join me so I booked a hotel room for all us. Then they both discovered they can't really go. So I asked Kirsti if I could just stay w/ her (she said yes) but since maybe her roommate would be uncomfortable about it, I went on airbnb.com and found a place nearby that was cheapish but only 6$ cheaper than the hotel room I booked so I emailed her asking if she'd lower her price.

I neglected to go into depth about my reason for stay and just said I was visting my friend and would rather not stay with "her and her roommates (I didn't feel like explaining that it was one and was a hotel room and everything else)." I also offered lower than I wanted to pay thinking she understood how to haggle.

Here is her response:

"Hi Lauren,
Thank you for your interest in staying with us. We enjoy hosting people who desire a homestay experience. It sounds like you are looking for a place to crash. Perhaps it would be better for you to stay with your friend and her roommates. Best wishes! ~g"

I'm sure I shouldn't have but I did anyway, my response: "28 year olds don't "crash." We're going to be sightseeing all weekend, not drinking like I'm sure you assumed. Sorry I didn't specify that she's staying in a hotel with roommates while she's on a study abroad trip from Australia. And sorry I just figured if I could get a hotel for $54 through an organization I'm part of, it's not worth the $6 less to stay farther away and was hoping for something cheaper since I'm on my own and then you could also get more than the zero you'll be getting by not putting me up. But thanks for saying no without even making a counter offer OR saying your prices are firm and you'd be interested in having me if I would pay them. Thanks anyway I'll be looking elsewhere."

Well fine biotch, I will make better use of my $82 (I offered $35/night plus there's a $12 airbnb fee), even though I wouldn't have ended up staying there anyway.