December 31, 2010

A Thought About Wool...

As I am entering the last 1/2 hour of my 8 hour work day, the combination of increased irritability with the heat currently on in the building has brought the itchy level of my lovely wool sweater to the point where I’m scratching my upper arms from the neck hole and looking ridiculous but just dont care. I would just take it off but the tank top I stupidly wore underneath it is not exactly work appropriate.
Every time I buy a wool sweater it is because it doesn’t occur to me that the item I'm about to buy is made of wool because I am enchanted by whatever style someone dreamed up that I unfortunately have been drawn to. Also because I have yet to have the forethought to determine my clothing’s material before making a purchase.
How is wool any better than other fabrics that neither itch nor require dry-cleaning so it wont shrink in the wash?
I bet sheep are itchy too
So here’s my question: Why in this day in age where we know about the itchiness of wool and have plenty of alternative fabrics are we A) still manufacturing wool sweaters (and other items) and 2) still buying them.

Someone, who’s not me, should stop this madness immediately.