October 30, 2012


I have no idea if I will get trick-or-treaters. But. If they come, I am ready for them. If they don't, my co-workers are going to get so much candy. I anticipate that even if I get any it will not be many, but I'm excited at the prospect.

Decorated inside and out!

Yes, we have two buckets of candy (the secondary one courtesy of a care package from a friend of my roommate).

October 29, 2012

That's October 19th

First, since Oct 19th is yet to come for Community, a video:

And some more videos:

I recently realized that with Michael gone, so is thats-what-she-said. Until now. 

I need someone like Ann in my life.

And some good ol' image macros:

And we meet Broccoli Rob...
 Stephen Colbert!

October 26, 2012

Being Abby

Oh no I am almost 3 hours late which will be more than 3 hours if I take longer than 22 minutes to finish this post! But oh well, I was out having fun so whatevs. So living in a college town, there are so many things about that which annoy me. Summers are nice.... However there is one thing I love about being here and that is Halloween. You get to celebrate it for like a week and a half so whatever day is convenient is when you can go out. And EVERYONE is right there with you in their costumes. One of the few times the crowds on the street do not bother me but rather entertain me tremendously. 

I was mad about just how crappy the crappy nail polish I got was, until I realized that I have to work my restaurant job where I can't wear nail polish tomorrow AM and that it's SUPPOSED to peel off! #winning.

This week I'll also include a complete image because I want to show off my awesome costume :) And no, couldn't bring myself to commit to the bangs.

This scene is: Abby waits for her friend to use Subway's bathroom
Just made it by 4 mins.

I Love the Smell of Paper in the Morning

Pens made out of paper. What a world.

So I was at this technology expo. I was actually one of the "vendors," tho not technically vending anything, we were telling people about our technology services. So I didn't take too much time at all of the other booths but, naturally, what I liked most was the discovery of the pens that one of them was giving out which were MADE OF PAPER. 

So so much excitement of the existence of these. I mean, come on, biodegradable pens!? Smells like napalm I mean victory. This photo doesn't really show them for what they are but they are literally paper rolled around the ink part of the pen (okay that part is still plastic) and then the cap is a crimped tube of paper as well. When I first saw them I thought they were some kind of food (sugar packet) product. So much better.

The moral? Everyone now, who has the ability to choose the promotional materials for their company, go get these. I even looked them up for you.

October 25, 2012

What Are You?...

Hey all! Some of you may remember from last year how much I love love love Halloween. If you forgot, and are reading this in some sort of a subscription situation, go now to my actual blog for a reminder! Well, I haven't put any time into creating something original to post, but I did collect Daily Grace's series of Cheep Dumb Halloween Costume Ideas for you! Idk, maybe they will inspire one that isn't terrible. Enjoy!

October 23, 2012

Worst. Day.

October 22, 2012

You Guys are Like Dos

Fall shows are back and so are pictures with text over them image macros (apparently) and TV Tuesday Media Monday! I forgot what it was called because at some point I changed it and I'm letting you experience my mistake instead of deleting it.  Here are the ones I have made and collected over the past few weeks. I'm sure should be a lot more but I kinda forgot about my whole image macro-ing thing.

Original Video Source

October 19, 2012

What I Did Today, Day 7: Coffee Break

Finishing up the "week" of photobooth strips with one of my favorite things. I take mine with cream and sugar. And note the reusable cup. Saving the world one coffee cup at a time!

What I Did Today, Day 7: Coffee Break

Also, I like the photostrip thing so much that I'm bringing back a weekly feature! Let's all give a round of applause to the new and improved: Fotostrip Friday! Whooooo.....

October 18, 2012

What I Did Today, Day 6: Teaching Final Cut

Today I taught a class in a random building across campus. The first and last time I'll ever teach this version of this software. I got there early because the studying students squatters in my lab were being noisy and stressing me out.  I seem to have lapped my self with the week-long series because I skipped some days. Whoops.

What I Did Today, Day 6: Teaching Final Cut

I wore my big girl shoes. Regrettable when I returned to my lab to discover I'd left my iPod in the above building and had to go back for it. Luckily I noticed right away because I had this photo to retrieve from it.

I can't find the clip that I wanted to include here so I'm using this one instead:

Now go watch Sleepwalk With Me the movie OnDemand!
I'll find the one I wanted at some point.

October 17, 2012

What I Did Today, Day 5: Working a Work Day

Sometimes I do work when I'm at work! And sometimes I make photo strips of my desk. I'd say 75% work, 1% photo strips and 24% unknown? 99% work, .1% photo strips, .5% coffee breaks,  .4% unknown. Let's keep moving...

October 16, 2012

What I Did Today, Day 4: Another One Rides the Bus

Yup, this is what it's like to ride the local bus. But I really have no interest in walking all the way across campus everyday. Exciting stuff, I know.

What I Did Today, Day 4: Another One Rides the Bus

I kinda wish I didn't know this song existed. But alas, I do.

October 14, 2012

What I Did Today, Day 3: Watch ALL the TV

My first day off since I could remember AND I still have a cold. So I spent almost the entire day on my couch making up for lost tv time. Convenient, AMC ran a millionty episodes of Walking Dead leading up to the season 3 premiere. All in all, I'd call it a good day. 

What I Did Today, Day 3: Watch ALL the TV

I can start video editing tomorrow instead.

October 11, 2012

What I Did Today, Day 2: WHATS IN THE BOX????!

Because it takes place in my birthday month, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. And because of all the candy. I ordered some items for my Halloween costume. Can anyone guess what my costume will be!?

What I Did Today, Day 2: WHATS IN THE BOX????!

Like Robin, I seriously can't not quote Se7en when talking about things in boxes.

October 10, 2012

What I Did Today, Day 1

Thanks to Starbucks (they have little cards you can take each week with codes to a song or app or book), I got a new app on for my iPod touch. I looked for a photo booth app about a year ago, but the free ones were crappy and they all only had a front facing camera option. Anyway, the acquisition of this app and waiting for my dentist appointment inspired this photo strip and a week-long day-in-the-life series I've named "What I Did Today."

What I Did Today, Day 1: Dentist Appointment (No Cavities, Yay.)

The waiting room wasn't empty, I just avoided shots that would have people in them.