January 24, 2013

The Price of Free Coffee

I worked in an office that had coffee available around the clock. But it shouldn't have been. I will drink almost any quality of coffee but this was intolerable.

My first work around was instead to drink tea. It just wasn't the same.

Next I tried getting a travel mug/coffee press in one and bring in my own coffee. I had remembered seeing them at Starbucks years ago. Would have been great but far too much of the grounds escaped the plunger and made it un drinkable.

Success came with my idea to find a single serving coffee press along with a mug to drink from. So expansion of my 2nd plan but far more effective.
It also enabled me to make one trip to the kitchen per cup of coffee since I would wait till it was brewed, then clean my coffee press before returning to my desk. The mug/press required returning to the kitchen to clean it before the end of the day. I'm far to forgetful to have been able to bring it to and from work with me each day.

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