July 08, 2012

New House: Day 4

I swear, when I find my iPod, I am adding those pictures cause... yeah. Anyway.

Dad got straight to work on turning the laundry room into a makeshift clothes closet. You can't really tell what is going on in this really-good picture, but it's shelves with a bar for hangars. I will be having a second roommate in the basement which is finished, but as a den not a bedroom, so no closet. She's only going to be with us for the Fall semester which is a hard thing in this town to find a lease for, so she will be glad there is somewhere to put her stuff even if it's not ideal.

I didn't have to work finally, so I helped my mom with painting. We still had the yellow (same as living room) hallways and my orange bedroom. In this picture I was practicing karate. The green is less terrible (I'd even say awesome) in real life and with out bad lighting/flash/camera phone changing it. The yellow in the picture is actually orange, believe it or not.
Wax on, wax off.
My mom had a bunch of chicken left over from her American-portioned dinner at Red Lobster three nights ago. She kept complaining about the portion size (seriously all week) and I kept telling her, "Welcome to America." For some reason she hated that. Hmmmm.... Anyway. She bought lettuce, intending on making the chicken into a salad two days ago, which didn't work out with the chaos and my dad's tasks taking longer than we'd hoped. I finally brought the ingredients with me and with us to the house and with the help of a frying pan to toss the dressing, we had an almost-free dinner!
When the counters are covered in boxes, the stove top becomes surprisingly useful.
My dad's second project, while all the painting was still happening, was hanging blinds, which the previous owners were "kind" enough to buy, never install, and leave behind. I didn't take any photos of them specifically so you will see them in the next post.

His third project we were shocked to see him get to was this new light fixture for the kitchen. The one that was there was missing the cover which was super awesome and while I was okay with leaving it for now, my mom was not and got me this guy at Wal-Mart (I did select it) for 15$ Woot!
Wow. This picture is boring. I should have cropped it but didn't and oh well.
So even though a lot got done it was all not that interesting apparently. The best part may have been the tacos we had at 10pm because that's when we finally called it quits for the night.

Soon to come: What projects do I take on by myself!?

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