July 04, 2012

New House: Day 1

I guess today is technically day two but there wasn't much pre-move in prep work yesterday so, yeah.

Got my key!
With the Rents coming into town to help and the holiday and all the paper work based road blocks, the only thing I was concerned about was having the key in hand yesterday. Hungry and mentally exhausted, I  celebrated with a post-closing McFlurry!

Today; rented a rug doctor and cleaned ALL THE CARPET. And so much carpet it was. I feel I can excuse the 70s carpet in the basement due to the super amazing awe-inducing hiding drawers in the stairs.
Hands down, favorite part of my house!
2nd most important was finding, getting, and installation of a washer and dryer! Got these two guys for under $400 together on craigslist and only required a bit of driving around town and the help of one of my awesome guy-friends who volunteered to help me move.
While all this was happening my friend-and-roommate stayed behind and removed some of the terrible wall paper, presence of which confused us.
This is the previous owners' stuff
You can't really see it in the photo but that lovely paper border is actually two different patterns; half fish/half surfboards.
This ripped wallpaper was hidden cleverly behind a framed picture of birds. I don't have a picture of how else it was terrible but it was and now it's gone!

Stay tuned for more home-improvement edition posts soon to come!

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