July 10, 2012

New House: Day 5-6

Day 5: All I wanted done was my mattresses and one of my loveseats moved. That somehow took way longer than it should have since they needed to get on the road and I had to go to work. However, I did find time to hook up my wireless router! Yay internets! I then worked till about 11:30 at night so that was it for the day. I also put in (on?) the cable outlet thingy which previously did not exist. The previous owners had a light switch-plate. Yup. But yeah I still have all the other outlet/switch-plates to return to their homes.

Day 6: Without having to do any actual work with the parents and their projects
gone, I got a chance to actually start unpacking and organizing. I also
was running out of room for the additional stuff I have yet to move. My priority was my television. I was originally just going to take it out, hook up the cable then leave the rest for another day. But then I wanted to hook up my Wii to watch Netflix and because I have to use a digital box now that I have to have Comcast I figured I might as well just do it all. So. Many. Wires. But it is done!

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