July 21, 2014

That Time I Had 10 Favorite Instagram Feeds...

Today's Blog Everyday in July prompt:
Ten Instagrams you stalk or your ten favorite Instagram feeds.
Let's go to the app!

I chose 9 because 10 would make for not as nice formatting. And I didn't want to choose anyone I know from real life because of reasons. So as you can tell I'm really nerdy. Yes I follow Diet Coke. Yes, I follow Starbucks. It's Instagram. I don't use Instagram that much so my choices were actually pretty limited but I am nonetheless happy with all of them. Greg Behrendt, Kathy Griffin, Grace Helbig, Mary Lynn Rajskub (aka Chloe on 24), Rhett & Link, Felicia Day (aka Penny from Dr. Horrible), and Team Coco.
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