July 16, 2014

That Time When There Were 5 Books That Should Be Movies...

Today's Blog Everyday in July prompt:
What are the five books you want to see in movies?

I don't read a lot of books, which is limiting, but here goes:

1) 'Tis... aka Angela's Ashes 2.
2) Hyperbole and a Half... Would love to see the stories animated into one movie.
3) Waiter Rant... Although it would probably be a lot like "Waiting..."
4) MWF Seeking BFF... A book I read because I prefer non-fiction and one of my friends told me about reading it after she moved to a new city. I think it would be a great premise for a movie.
5) Something Blue... The follow up to Something Borrowed which is a movie already. Something Blue features the character played by John Krashinski in Something Borrowed the movie, so if they made the sequel, I'd get to see him the amount that I wanted to in the first one.

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