July 03, 2014

That Time I Named My Blog...

Today's prompt is:
Tell us how your blog got its name.
Some readers may remember my blog's former name "The Blog You're About to Read." I was struggling to come up with a name that would represent what my blog would be.

I'm not sure why, but thinking about it reminded me of when the band in the movie That Thing You Do was trying to come up with a band name. A joke name someone threw out was "The Band You're About to Hear" and the more I thought about mirroring it for my blog, the more I liked it, and it stuck.
But I was never completely happy with it. It didn't represent my blog it just gave my blog a catchy name. Which would work, and did, until I came up with another one.

I also can't remember when I first came up with Lauren of all Trades, but a year ago or so I started self-proclaiming myself as being a "jack of all trades." Which is supposed to be a bad thing because it means I am also a "master of none." But it's who I am. I can be really good at a lot of things but don't quite excel at any one thing. I'm too split between being both logical and creative. So once I started calling myself "Lauren of all trades" in my life, it just made sense to finally rename my blog, branding be dammed. And it really fits since my blog is about anything and everything I do (at least everything I feel is worth talking about).

What do you guys think? Name change good? Bad? A wash?

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  1. Being a "master of none" can also connote that you believe in something/someone who is the master of your universe :) That's a nice thing actually :)

    xx Jem of Postcards and Polaroids