July 13, 2014

That Time I Blogged My Day In Pictures...

Today's prompt:
Your day in pictures:
Brushed my teeth with homemade toothpaste.
It's brown from vanilla extract
Went hiking.
 Stopped by the local art festival
Music, art, sand sculpture, and treats. Oh, my!
 Made dinner at home.
Ginger glazed mahi mahi
 My roommate tried to buy hummus (in a plastic container!!!) but I stopped him and made him buy ingredients instead. Saved $1 and no plastic!
And it was easy!
 Ran the dishwasher with homemade dish detergent.
I promise it works! Recipe.
 And did some laundry with homemade laundry detergent.
This does too! Recipe.
So that was my day. 

A little about my homemade stuff: 

The dish and laundry detergent use two of the same ingredients so when you have to buy a big box of borax and washing soda for one, know that you can use them also for the other product. I ordered all of my ingredients online except for the citric acid for the dish detergent, cause that's what I do, but I think you can get all of them in a super market.

Oh and my toothpaste. After perusing a bunch of recipes that require a bunch of stuff I didn't want to bother with buying I decided to make my own recipe which is about 2 Tbsp baking powder, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp Splenda (or other non-sugar sweetener), and the amount of your-choice-of-flavor extract that will make it paste-y. I was using peppermint, which was good, and only switched to vanilla because I didn't have any peppermint left.

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  1. I remember making toothpaste in I think 3rd grade as part of "dental health week". It was just baking soda and water, so it was not very good tasting, and I recall my mother throwing out the baggie of whitish paste as soon as I got home that day