October 01, 2018

That Time I Finished Saving All My Pennies... Again...

Two years ago I started an experiment where I picked up every single coin I saw on the ground. This included some less accessible ones, and stopping short in front of people just to pick up a penny.

After a year, I counted them all to see how much I collected which came to $4.18 (plus some Hong Kong coins). Not a particularly large amount but enough that I decided to run the experiment again!

So, again, I spent the last 12 months as a real-life Mario...

This year was less impressive.
My grand total was.....

$1.73 USD


That's pretty bad. So I can buy one can of Arizona Iced Tea (still $.99) and have 74 cents for... I don't know, park for almost 40 minutes? I no longer have access to $.50 sodas or I'd get one of those. To be fair. I know I picked more up than $1.73, I was just way less diligent about getting it into my collection.

This year I'm going to try harder and beat not just this year's amount bu also last years! Tune in next year for 2019's coin haul!

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