October 11, 2018

That Time I Saw Venom...

Tuesday was my birthday and Tuesday is also $5 $5.50 movie night at my theater, so Husband and I thought that would be a fun birthday activity.
Based on my "was it entertaining" requirement for whether it was good or not: Yes. It was good...

I did like it. There were parts I didn't care for, but over all the story was decent and the movie held my attention the whole time.

I can't compare it to the Spiderman vs. Venom movie from several years ago as I didn't really watch that one, but I can say for a fact that it was better... just based on that Venom is supposed to be a separate character from Spiderman... which Spiderman 3 ignored.

Michelle Williams bothered me partially because of her ugly hair style that I assume was meant to make her look like the comic book version of her character (no I'm not going to google to confirm...), but it was just ugly... and also because she was so annoying on Dawson's Creek and that will stay with me forever. Aside from that, I guess she was fine.

Tom Hardy I liked. Which was actually impressive as he was gross and sweaty the whole time.

Oh! And Mona Lisa Saperstein!
Always a pleasure when she isn't being the worst. I did wish she was in the movie more.

The movie didn't end the way I expected by a long shot. I won't give any spoilers, but basically there was a big twist that I didn't see coming, but then again, didn't shock me. 

I wouldn't recommend seeing it for a full price movie ticket, but do recommend it if you also have a $5 movie night deal, or when it gets to Netflix and Redbox. 

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