November 09, 2018

That Time I Was on TV...

This was actually not the first time I was on TV, but it is the most recent. A couple weeks ago, when I was on the West Coast, I decided to take advantage of being in Los Angeles and decided to get tickets to see Conan's live taping of his show. 

But he wasn't recording shows when I was there (I missed it by two weeks!). So I got tickets to see James Cordon instead (the "Late Late Show").
I had attended the live taping of Conan's show back when he was in NYC a couple of times and had a good time so I knew it was a good way to spend an afternoon - plus it's free (except for transportation and/or parking)...

I picked James Cordon over other options in LA because he is one of my favorite Doctor Who characters, even though he was only in two episodes. 

I was able to get "Priority" tickets by being one of the first to click "YES I REALLY WANT THESE TICKETS" when I got the email saying I could have tickets. I had to get to the studio by 2:30 pm for the taping that would begin at 4pm, to make sure I got in. 

Because it's California, the line is outside... in the sun... and heat. They had some umbrellas that people were using to block the sun, but I didn't get there early enough to get one. The New York shows have indoor waiting areas which was far preferable.

We were finally let in through security and then had more waiting, but this time not in the sun. 

We we're eventually let into the studio and were placed very specifically in the various seating areas. 
I wasn't supposed to take photos... but I did.
It was very apparent to me that they were favoring the more attractive people in the spots that would be most on camera, also taking attire into consideration, and favoring a little bit of "diversity."
The prettiest four couples in the audience.
I felt really bad for the people who were in the part of the audience that was not-at-all on camera, because of why they were not on camera, and wondered if they realized what had happened. 
I managed to qualify for being in a prime on-camera spot (I think a little bit because of my dark hair and dress) but not one of the in-focus camera spots. 
That said, I did manage to be on camera a LOT and have a really great seat. 
Me again!
The monologue was not that funny, but we were trained ahead of time to laugh as if the jokes were really good, which made the jokes funnier once they were on TV.
The guests were Maya Rudolph and Nick Kroll, who are both fine but the interviews just kind of meh.
Pretty and/or diverse people on the aisle.
More pretty and/or diverse people on another aisle.
The musician was Rufus Wainwright, whom I've heard of (his version of Hallelujah was on the Shrek and Scrubs soundtrack), but couldn't name one of his songs (until I looked him up).
But it was a good time and I enjoyed getting to see myself on TV when I watched it that night watched it online two weeks later because 12:30pm is really late.
Last one, you're welcome for not putting in every shot I made it into.
I would definitely go again, but would first try to get Conan tickets because I love him more than anything I think he's nice (sorry, Husband). 

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