November 01, 2018

That Time I Watched Designated Survivor...

I had no idea what this show was about or that it even existed until I saw it on Netflix. I decided to watch it because I like Kiefer Sutherland. Basically what happened was that the campaign worked:

The world was tired of not watching Jack Bauer kick major ass, and ABC brought him back in Designated Survivor and made him president...

Okay, he's not Jack Bauer in the show... at least that's not his name. But I still laugh every time he yells "dammit!" and he is constantly "giving people his word." I'm pretty sure he also shot someone in the kneecap (that might have been a different character, and they didn't actually pull the trigger).

They even brought back Audrey Raines.
Weird. I thought she died.

Anyway. So I didn't know anything about the show or what a "designated survivor" is when I started watching it, but it's actually pretty good.

A "designated survivor" is someone in the line of succession to the US President who is kept at a secure location when everyone else are all gathered at a single location. In the event of an attack or disaster that kills everyone else, this person becomes president to guarantee continuity of government. 

Spoilers: That's what happens. Otherwise the show would be a more boring "Panic Room," where we wait and wait (and wait) to see if Jack becomes the president. 

All of season 1 is excellent. Season two is mostly good with a couple of boring episodes, but I promise, they're worth sitting through. 

ABC cancelled Designated Survivor this year when season 2 concluded, but Netflix already picked it up for a 10-episode 3rd season. When we're going to get it is TBA, but I'm hoping soon. Maybe they'll bring Chloe back. Or Tony Almeida. 

My favorite thing on the show: the BlackBerries. 

You'll notice that they removed the logos, so I'm guessing that the White House staff just has to use them because of their security features and they were trying to be accurate. But I still liked it.

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