September 13, 2018

That Time I Went to a Cruise Port...

I'm leaving TODAY on just a li'l 4-day cruise to Bermuda on the Carnival Horizon. It will feel like going home after spending 14 days on it this past May!
And here are all the things I like to bring with me on cruises for when we got off the boat at the ports...
Note: you do not need a beach towel unless you want YOURS. There will be beach/pool towels you can take off with you. Make sure to bring them back or else you'll get charged for them, but they'll even have a place for you to swap your dirty ones for clean ones before re-boarding. 

Depending on what you're using them for, you will want different shoes.
If you're going to be hiking up a slippery mountain in Jamaica then you'll want shoes with good treads. If you're just going to a beach that might have rocks in the water, you can get whatever won't fall off your foot and float away. 

This could also be a bookbag, but you'll want something lightweight that is basically just a vessel for holding all your stuff plus your towels.
The one I use (pictured) actually has a hide-y space for putting a bladder of wine. And while I don't want to encourage anyone to try to sneak alcohol onto a cruise using this, the insulated area can keep your Nalgene of water cool all day!

To me, flip flops are a MUST anytime temperatures are over 70ยบ.
I would wear these and bring my water shoes along in my bag! Hint: you can get no-frills flops at Old Navy for really cheap in the summer. 

Skin cancer is the only cancer that is 100% preventable.
All you need is sunscreen! Don't leave home the ship without it. P.S. You'll probably also want it for sunning on the pool decks!
I haven't actually used bug spray on a cruise yet.
But I always bring it because I don't want to end up with a bunch of itchy red spots! If you want the really good stuff, look for one with a lot of DEET.

Double down on skin protection with a hat!
Your hat will also keep your head cool, and the sun out of your eyes.

When I travel, I like to bring cheap sunglasses to wear.
Don't skimp on the UV protection (do sunglasses exist without it?), but bringing a pair I won't miss if I accidentally wear them in the ocean and a wave takes them, keeps my wallet happy.
Do these look tacky and ridiculous?
Yes. Do they allow you to keep your valuables with you and not with sticky fingers? YES! They come in many sizes so you'll be able to find one that fits your exact needs. PSA: theives know to look in your shoes, even if you put your wallet all the way down to the toe.

All the cruise ships have stations around the buffet that you can get cold water for your refillable bottle that you can take off the ship.
Pick one with a wide-mouth and you can also stuff it with ice. And keep it cold all day with your Porto-Vino beach bag! (Nalgene even makes mouth pieces that fit into the opening to make them easier to drink from.)

"Why would I need a watch when I have the time on my phone?" Let. Me. Tell. You. The ship does not always usually use the local time of the port. Most of the time, the ship stays on the same time as the port you left from. I guess to not make you have to change all your devices. HOWEVER if you say, go to a coffee shop, and say, connect to their free wi-fi, and say, your device updates the time automatically... BAM you are an hour late getting back to the ship. And the ship leaves without you (this can-and-will happen).
This almost happened to me in Lisbon, and Husband's watch saved us from having to drive across Portugal and Spain to get back to our ship in Vigo. And usually it would require a flight if you miss the back-onboard time. Pick a water resistant one and you'll be able to keep tabs on the time even while splashing around.

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  1. Better make your Beach Bag a KYSS Bag! ;)