July 09, 2018

That Time I Went To a Water Park...

Last weekend I visited the WildRiver Water Park at the Raystown Lake resort. Going in, I really had just the lowest possible expectations since it seemed to be mostly for little kids, but thought it might be more fun than doing nothing all day.

We were camping with a group of friends in the area, and they rented a boat to drive around on the lake. I didn't want to pay $60 to par take, so when I found WildRiver for $15 per person, I was able to sell Husband on going also...

I was hoping that there would be a better pool than I saw in the few photos online, but alas it was just that one small one.

But the slides were actually a lot of fun. There are 4 different water slides all of which were fun. One of them is a little weird because its supposed to have some lazy-river type spots between the drops. but the jets weren't really set up right so it takes some effort to go over the edges of the drops. We still liked it though.

The other fun thing was a splash zone with a dumping bucket. Very refreshing on a hot day.

I don't know if it was because it was an almost-holiday weekend (4th of July, which was a Wednesday), but we were there on a Saturday and basically did not have to stand in lines for the slides. The longest we waited was maybe 2 minutes.

In addition to stuff adults can enjoy, there is a section for youngsters, that also looked fun, actually.
I seem to have taken this by accident.

So, for the cost, we had a great time and did not regret not partaking in our friends' activity, particularly because it was in the 90ºs that day! We were not able to bring our own snacks and drinks in, but were able to get some treats at their concession stand.

My favorite part was this little tunnel that goes under one of the slides that's a shortcut from the end of the Atomic Blaster slide back to everything else.
I made it bigger than the others so you can see it better.

I will leave you with a bunch more photos because the internet is lacking them. Note that it was hard to get photos of the Atomic Blaster because it weaves around a lot of trees. It was probably our favorite one.

Atomic Blaster

Cemetery Sluice
Where the Sluice ends. But is deep enough we wanted it to be a pool.

Smuggler's Revenge slides:

Splash zone (I did not make a note of it's actual name)

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