May 29, 2018

That Time I Booked a Carnival Havana Cabin...

Guest column: Carnival Havana Cabins

Carnival first introduced their private Havana Outside area on the Vista, and kept it going on the Horizon. The private area includes a pool, two hot tubs and a variety of seating options. Access to the area is obtained by selecting one of the 80 designated Havana cabins, or an Ocean Suite or higher cabin.

Husband and I decided to splurge on it, just once, to see what it was all about. I like that Carnival included interior rooms in the block of designated Havana cabins, whereas other cruise lines only have this kind of private area for suites. That's the only way I was able to not-go-into-debt to try "Havana Experience." They're still more expensive than all the other cabins, but less than a suite.

My assessment was that I loved the location of my cabin on the ship and I now almost exclusively book aft cabins, especially on Carnival. But unless I get a really big pay bump, I won't be dropping that much money on a cabin again any time soon. Decide for yourself if a Havana Cabin is right for you by reading about it on Cruise Radio!

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