May 03, 2018

That Time I Hacked Buffalo Mac & Cheese...

There is a restaurant in my town that has buffalo mac & cheese on their menu which, I'm not gonna lie, is pretty freaking tasty. The issue with it, is that it's HUGE and kind of expensive. But one day I noticed that they have a small mac & cheese in their list of sides, and that is the day that everything changed...

Now when I want buff-mac, I order three things:

The small mac & cheese (of course),

Boneless buffalo wings,

and a small ceasar salad.

The first time I got the salad was because I felt like I should add something healthy to my dinner. But from then on, I always order it because it gets me a bowl.

First I cut up the chicken,

Then add the mac & cheese,

mix it all together, and voila!

Saves me $4 (which I then spent on the salad... but still better portion-wise) and I get exactly what I want. I actually like this version better because, bonus, the small mac & cheese has bacon in it.

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