June 04, 2014

That Time I Photograghed a Bunch of Crap with My Phone...

In response to Kirsti's blog post of random phone pictures, and since I too finally got a new phone, here are some gems from the past year or so:

Oreo knows me so well.

Apparently so does Pop Tart. I tried really hard not to buy these but failed to resist and then ate all of them in about 3 days. Whoops.

I don't remember taking this photo, but it must have been after the short-lived-death of Twinkies. I'm still not sure how Hostess is back after all of that, but they are, so, whatever. Not sure if the Dreamies still exist.

Thanks, Natural History Museum. Because I'm not insecure about my weight already...

The giant cucumber.

I lost my mind a little when there were boxes and boxes of Creme Eggs 50% off after Easter. They are usually all sold before they can go on sale. I actually bought this many. I managed to make them last about 5 months.

The late-night pizza place that really doesn't want its seasonings to be stolen

Brand new product brought to you by The Biggest Loser: Celery!

They finally made the Cool Ranch Dorito Taco! Cause f*** Nacho Cheese Doritos.

Brought to you by the place that gave me a degree. It took everything I had not to take the sign to someone who worked there and tell them to fix the erroneous apostrophe.

The day I discovered that everything I own that isn't green is red. And sometimes all at the same time.

I need this bumper sticker for so many reasons!

The tiny baseball helmet being used as a sugar caddy.

I'm pretty sure this is every porta-potty from the tri-state area. And PA isn't even in the tri-state area. This isn't even all of them. 


  1. not to be "that guy", but you call out a place for writing "table's" on the sign, but you wrote "gem's" in like the first sentence of your post ;)

    1. Ahhh no! Damn my careless typing and bad proofreading habits!