June 30, 2014

That Time I Lived Off Bread Ends...

It's time for another 20sb Cooking Challenge! This round is titled "Ugliest Dinner."

The rules are pretty simple:
1- While the goal is a yucky-looking plate of food, it must be something you actually eat
2- No non-food items may be included on the plate

So my entry comes with a story...

I used to work in this cafe in town where the only thing we could eat for free was the bread ends that would have otherwise been thrown away anyway. The discount for other food was only like 20% or something so I embraced eating the bread ends for free.

I think we were only supposed to use butter or jelly as a topping but, being the rebel that I am, chose to go with cream cheese. After a few weeks I decided that I was going to go one step farther and add some bacon. It was that chintzy pre-cooked kind which could not have cost all that much so what was the harm really? And I just used a couple of slices. I thought I was going to hate it but I really wanted the added protein so I would actually not be really hungry every time I worked.

And thus was born: the Bacon-Cream Cheese Sandwich (link will work on 7/1).

For calorie counting purposes, I started making it on pita bread (and specifically Joseph's - Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Mini Pitas), and then I just use a bit of cream cheese and two slices of "Hickory Smoked Fully Cooked" bacon. Put it all together and eat!

It's not really a "dinner" item but it was dinner for me at least two nights a week. It's not really gross looking, but it's definitely not delicious looking at first sight.

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