May 12, 2014

What Was My Most Memorable Summertime Adventure?

It's time for this week's 20sb blog prompt!

What was your most memorable summertime adventure?

I don't often go on adventures or anywhere really. I am generally too busy being a workaholic and not taking any time off. I did go to 6 Flags with one of my friends a few years back on a summer day that was so hot I will remember it forever. 

I never drank so much water had to pee so little. All the water I drank, which was a lot, was immediately sweat out. I specifically remember not going to the bathroom the entire day. That's probably weird. But it was really fun because we went early enough in the summer that it wasn't very crowded. 

At the end of the day I had aching feet, multiple blisters, mild-moderate sunburn and had to stop going on rides because they were giving me headaches. So instead I took a selfie BEFORE they were cool (June 2011) while I waited for my friend.

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