May 24, 2014

That Time I Fried Some Tofu...

20SB Cooking Challenge: Recipe Revision

For this challenge, I had to think about a food I wouldn't eat as a kid and make it myself using a different/better preparation and determine if I still don't like it. The ingredient I am choosing is tofu and the recipe I will be making using it is tofu and mushroom enchiladas.

Here are this challenge's rules:
1)Write about a food you hated as a kid. It could be an entire recipe like tuna casserole or a single ingredient like mushrooms.
2) Cook a meal based on the food you didn't like. Make sure to link to your source if you're not creating an original recipe! And don't forget to take pictures :)
3) Try your dish and tell us if you've changed your mind or if you were right about it all along.

1) I am very picky about food textures. I do not eat cooked vegetables or anything with similar consistencies. Tofu strikes me as being one such food and the look of it alone makes me not want to eat it. So I wouldn't even try it. But then I was in Japan visiting my brother and he bought some sort of crispy-thing-on-a-stick that he said was fried soy something-or-other, which was really tasty, so I've wanted to try to make crispy tofu ever since. I'm going to use this challenge to try. When I came across this recipe for Mushroom & Poblano Vegetarian Enchiladas (made with tofu), it sounded like something I could incorporate crispy tofu into so that I actually would like and eat the recipe. I am however making a couple changes to eliminate the cooked vegetables I still won't eat to make: Crispy Tofu & Mushroom Enchiladas.

2) Photos! (Also: recipe)
Fried tofu actually looks yummy.
So do the cooked enchiladas!

3) So I sampled a bit of the fried tofu separate from the enchiladas and I actually liked it. When I tried the enchiladas, I couldn't really tell that the tofu had been fried since the sauce and cheese un-crispied it, but I didn't try it with out the corn starch (that's what made it crispy when fried), so I could actually handle it in this dish un-coated.

However, I still will be hesitant to eat tofu when it's just cooked in broth or anything that leaves it looking like weird, white, squishy, soy-cubes. It's just such a strange food. Nothing about it looks like food. But I think that if it at least RESEMBLES chicken a bit, I could handle it.


  1. Thanks for the entry! Seems like you're the only one willing to test the ol' tastebuds :)
    I feel the same about tofu.. For me it needs to be in small pieces and coated in something super-flavorful to cover up the fact that it's "weird, white, squishy" soy goo

    1. Awww too bad no one else entered this one. I had fun with it!

  2. I really like tofu, especially fried. I don't really like it raw, though.