April 23, 2014

Pantry Raid

I signed up to take part in a cooking "competition" via 20sb. Each round has a different theme and this one is for one called "Pantry Raid."

The Rules:
1: Take a picture of your fridge/pantry situation the day before your usual grocery shop day
2: Create a meal using ingredients you keep stocked in your house
3: You may purchase one additional ingredient, but you'll get bonus points if you don't!

So #1: The photos of my fridge and pantry were made possible by an app called photosynth that takes panoramic photos. My Kitchen is about 2" 8" wide with about 3-4" of floor space depending on the spot so I could not take normal looking photos.

It does appear as if I have a plenitude of things but its mostly spices, condiments, or stuff that belongs to my roommate (only the top two shelves of the fridge side are my stuff)

#2: I had buffalo sauce in my pantry and grilled chicken, cheese, ranch dressing, and one tortilla-that-should-have-gone-bad-ages-ago-but-didn't in my fridge. R

And #3: Didn't need anything from the store. Bonus points!

Results: Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla (link to the recipe on my recipe blog, Scrumptious Saturdays, will work as of this Saturday)
• I sprayed a large pan with cooking spray (to make the tortilla crunchy outside), then put a layer of cheese on it • I set the burner to med-high heat • I combined a Tbsp of ranch and buffalo sauce and drizzled about half of it it on half of the tortilla • Cut the chicken into small pieces and added it to the saucy side • Once the cheese was melted and bubbly I folded the tortilla in half, cut it in to slices with a pizza cutter and used the extra sauce for dipping. YumM!

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  1. I sometimes do stuff like that just to figure out what I am going to make for supper. Maybe I should try this the next time I have to come up with supper quickly.