November 30, 2012

Digital Soda

There's a restaurant in my town with these crazy soda fountains. So many choices, and flavors too. Best. Suicides. Ever.


  1. Holy hell. That is both awesome and a terrifying amount of pressure. I would probably just stand in front of the machine, dithering, for hours.

  2. hey its Ashley from 20Sbs and I LOVE these machines that are most of the movies theaters now and it honestly takes me like 20 minutes to pick a soda cause I want to see every option possible....craziness

  3. i'm completely in love with these machines. only a couple of places have them around here, and though i don't even like the food there, i still go just for this. please do your life a favor and try the peach sprite next time you see one!

    a sowing season.