May 16, 2011

Community: Paintball

I know what you were thinking, "There's no way Community could out do last year's paintball episode." And I agreed with you... until now. And in case one half-hour wasn't good enough, they gave us two.

Part 1:

Jeff, Britta, Shirley, Annie, Troy and Abed star in:

I don't know why I find the Christina Ricci reference/pun so funny. I just do.
Hey look, Jeff's cowboy costume from the Halloween episode. And Sawyer from Lost.

Part 2:

Yeah, Western Greendale sure was fun but what show is complete without a Star Wars episode?

Even the dean at Greendale knows his school is super crappy.
"It's the Greendale effect. Our motto is 'Lower Your Standards.'" Maybe I should go to Greendale.

Awesome model of the campus. Please notice that the gym is made out of a roll of toilet paper.
All that diorama making finally came to good use.

Sometimes "Troy's Awesome Plan" and "Actual Operation" aren't enough.

I can't really wrap this post up spoiler-free so I'll just leave you with the recommendation to watch these episodes and Community in general. You will not be sorry and you will forever love me for the recommendation. You will especially love it if you've ever found yourself amongst a lovable group of misfits.


  1. OMG THERE'S A NEW PAINTBALL EPISODE?!? lol. I love this show. Thank you for the heads up!

  2. "Why would someone who gets paid to do things be at Greendale?"
    This is exactly what I think when I hear about the awesome jobs some of my classmates have. This guy who is an electrician once complained during one of my classes that he "just wasn't making much," and when I asked he said "only $50k". I really, really wish I had asked, "So what are you pursuing here that you think will make you more than $50k?" That's not even mentioning that to me, fifty thousand sounds like a fortune. In that same class there was also an effing airplane mechanic. What. the. eff.

  3. This show always amuses me. I miss it...boooo

  4. @Katie: I KNOW. Welcome!

    @Liddy: Ugh $50K sounds like SOOOO much money... And it's not even that much.

    @Lesley: That's what is for!

  5. Christina Reach-y is hilarious! That's why we're friends. :)