May 20, 2011

As the Sun Sinks Below the Horizon

I'm really glad someone on 20sb suggested a sunset picture and I'm really glad that I left my apt to take some shots and that most of them came out nicely! I went to the top of the tallest, east-most parking deck in my town to get this shot. Didn't manage to avoid all the buildings but it's still good! I need to get a zoom lens. Anyone who wants to send me one will totally get a shout out in my blog. :)

As you guys probably noticed, I like to find clips from TV that somehow relate to my posts' content and then chose a title from said clip. Well, my title is from an episode of Mad About You but I couldn't find a clip or a transcript of the scene so you'll have to just go with it.

Here's Mad About You's intro instead:


  1. Beautiful photo I must say!
    I can't view the video because I'm on my phone. :(

  2. Ahh, the sunset is gorgeous. I haven't seen a good one in a while, but that could be because of the weather. What are you looking over toward?


  3. I love my 55-300mm lens and want to have its babies. You should definitely get a zoom lens.

    I'd totally forgotten all about the existence of Mad About You. I have no idea how that's even possible, but I did. Hurrah for a reminder! :)

  4. @Haven & Nas: Thanks!

    @Venice: Mountains? I'm in central PA.

    @Kirsti: I probably will eventually but they're pricey and I don't really know how the sizes work. I'd have to go to a camera shop and ask and feel dumb. Or you can help me when you're here! I mean, in Antarctica.

  5. I wouldn't be worried about not knowing what you're talking about. That's what the store people are there for! The standard second lens is usually 70-300mm, so you could go with the compatible entry level one for your camera.

    Alternatively, find someone who knows a crapload about cameras, and take them with you! (That's totally what I did........)

    And wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - ANTARCTICA!!!!!!