January 01, 2011

A camera with no film is kind of like a paperweight

Welcome to my first post on "The Blog You're About to Read!"

Yesterday I decided to commandeer my dad’s still-working SLR camera. It’s pretty sweet except for one thing: where do you buy film these days? Ok, I'm sure that Wal-mart probably has it but remember the days where you could pick it up anywhere that sells anything? Uni-Mart doesn’t. Giant supermarket doesn’t. My very recent feeling of victory over the $600+ I would otherwise spend on a digital SLR camera was squashed by this revelation.

I’m also not looking forward too out-of-focus and under/over exposed shots that I pay for whether I like it or not but I was fully aware of that when I came up with my plan to use a “Real” camera.
I’ll have to order film in bulk from Amazon to defray the cost of a low-supply product, and maybe I can find an online tutorial. YAY internet!

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