July 01, 2024

That Time I Saved A Paper Plate...

I didn't just save a paper plate. I saved two paper plates, several plastic utensils, and two plastic-lined paper cups and plastic lids.

And, no, I didn't save them as in "kept them as a keepsake." I saved them from being used...

I love staying at extended-stay hotels. They're often just as nice as midscale hotels but usually less expensive and with bigger rooms... and sometimes full kitchens!

And this isn't the first time I've used this paper/plastic-free strategy, it's just the first time I photographed it with Plastic Free July in mind. :)

What's weird about these hotels, which usually also have a free breakfast, is that while there is a whole set of reusable in every room, the plates, bowls, cups, and utensils in the free breakfast area are disposable. I do understand why. But it's frustrating for me because of how I am. 

So what I do is I take plates and bowls with us to breakfast and use those instead of the ones provided on the buffet. We like to take our breakfast back to our room to enjoy at our private table, so I don't have to bring silverware with me. 

You probably noticed that the coffee cups are tiny, and I didn't list them in what I'm taking out to the lobby with me. That's because I use my travel mug! I strategically use my travel mug for coffee because I can put the watertight lid on (note: not all travel mugs are created equally watertight) and tuck it under my arm so it's easier to carry my other items. 

I can then either drink from my mug or pour it into the little ceramic ones upon return to my room. It's good exercise to go back for refills if when I need them. 

And, you're right. We can't keep going back for seconds and thirds using our limited supply of ceramic plates and bowls. And. Well. That's probably for the best. :D

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