March 27, 2023

That Time I Decided to Recommend Products...

Since I started my YouTube channel and pretty much stopped blogging about my adventures, I've been struggling with what to use my blog for. I really like my blog and keep paying for a custom URL, so it feels like a waste to not be writing ANYTHING in it. 

Well. Recently I've come across some products that I was just hands down thrilled that I purchased, so I thought that could be something that I can impart to the world...

 So today, I bring you Lauren of all Trades approved product: Metal Claw Clips! (Specifically the large ones, but I like the smaller ones too.)

I have thick hair and always want plastic claw clips to work. I keep buying them. I bought the Scunci ones that have rubber grippy stuff on them. But they just don't hold my hair up. And they get broken. 

I don't remember what I was searching for, but Amazon showed me these metal claw clips and I had to give them a try. I liked the idea that they wouldn't bend because they're metal and that the claw part is flat so it wouldn't dig into my skull (no, I don't mean "scalp." I mean skull.).

On all points, for me, these were a win. They hold my hair up all day, they don't hurt my scalp (okay fine, I DID mean scalp...), and they don't break. I've bought more after the initial set I bought so that I can stash them all over my house, car, and office because I never know when I want one (like when my last hair thing snaps). 

One of the big differences in the design compared to the plastic ones is that there is more room for hair without the clip being truly enormous. Also, I'm guessing that the spring is probably stronger which the metal clip allows for as opposed to a plastic one. 

The only one I haven't absolutely loved is this squiggly one:

I swear, this "woman" MUST be a child. The clip is just not that big.

The pictures make these look just as big but they're just not. I think it will work in my hair once it's shorter (because of my layers). My hair is VERY long right now because it's waiting until at least March to be donated again. 

See. And I don't even have a large head.

Finally, they're metal, not plastic. So you know, save the turtles and all that! (They do come wrapped in plastic, unfortunately, but I'll take my wins where I can find them. Also, warning, they may set metal detectors off. 

If you have thick hair, I HIGHLY recommend giving these a try. If you have thin hair... I have no idea. Maybe get the squiggly one. 

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