June 17, 2021

That Time I Tried Dunkaroos Cereal...

I can't stop buying weird cereals.

Like some of the other cerals I've tried, I found this in my grocery store's clearance section...

So, I have no idea if this will be back in stores again in the future and that this post was sort of a waste of all of our time.

No, I didn't think it would taste exactyly like Dunkaroos, but I love Dunkaroos, so I had to buy it.

I tried it dry and it was okay. I could eat it that way. I thought I'd like it better with milk.

With milk was also fine, but it somehow got crunchier? Like, the cold milk made the sugar coating harder?

I'm not sure which way was better. Husband said he liked it with milk. Ultimately it was nothing like Dunkaroos, because the whole thing is that its cookies and frosting, and I'm not willing to let it get soggy enough to see if it would reach a frosting consistency.

I'm pretty sure it would just be gross.

Did you try Dunkaroos cereal? Are you sad that you didn't? Let me know in the comments! I'll keep my eye out for if it comes back and let you know if you can pick up a box!

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