February 15, 2021

That Time I Unboxed My Misfits Market Produce...

It's here! Well, it was here Saturday. But today I'm telling you about it!  

My Misfits Market box has arrived. Let's crack it open!...
From my past experience with this product, the produce usually isn't all that ugly. With the exception of stuff that got crushed during shipping. 

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It only happened to a couple of items and I submitted a request for a partial refund once. They gave me 10% off my next box and no money back which I felt wasn't really sufficient. I wasn't even sure I wanted to get another box at the time, then felt like I had to. 

But do report damaged food and also demand money back. I think they'll probably do it if you keep asking. 

So here's my final order. I got the Large box which got me 14 items, and added on two things from the "Marketplace."

And... here we go!

I got an email as soon as my box was delivered. I was able to grab it before it would be affected by the below-freezing outside temperatures.

I opened it up and saw lots of paper which is good-ish because little plastic! 

The stuff on top was an advertisement for Marketplace stuff, a flyer for how to cook veggies (I guess some people might want that for their fridge?), and a recipe card I won't use. So a little bit wasteful, but all recyclable at least.

The topmost layer of packaging was for insulation. I ripped it open to see what was inside - which was filled with some kind of fiber-y filling. 

Under that was some corrugated paper, for cushioning. There was another layer of this at the bottom. This is recyclable with office paper.

And then was all my lettuce! I selected three kinds of lettuce for my order and because I got the large box, I got two of each. I will not be getting this much again. Next time I'll pick 2 kinds at most. 

The romaine lettuce was in excellent condition, but the leaf lettuces were a bit wilty. More on that later. 

And everything else I got! I was disappointed but not surprised that the mushrooms were in plastic. I won't be getting them again. Also, I only got two of the three I ordered and contacted them today for a refund. 

Everything else was in great condition. 

My tomatoes were packaged in paper boxes which I can recycle with paper. 

One package had 5 tiny Roma tomatoes, the other had 4 larger ones. 

And now to deal with the lettuce. I wanted to try to revive it right away. 

I sliced off a bit from the bottom of each head and submerged them in bins of water for several hours. 

It mostly worked which is good, but I wish it wasn't wilted in the first place. If you order from Misfits and don't want to deal with this issue, stick to romaine. 

Overall I was happy with the selection offered and most of the produce I received. I like that I could have canceled still if I didn't like the selection. 

Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions!

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