July 25, 2019

That Time I Made Plastic Free Popcorn...

Okay, I've actually owned this popper for a while, but I wanted to post about it because it's July and I love it so much... the popper, not July.

All you need is one of these poppers and some popcorn kernels from the bulk section of your supermarket!...

Instead of using one of the plastic bags they provide, bring your own reusable produce bags!

Then I store it in one of these canisters:

Put it in the microwave and, viola! you have popcorn!

What's great about this popper is that it collapses to be less than 3" tall. So it doesn't take up a lot of space.

I used to have an air popper and I didn't like it because the popcorn came out tasting like styrofoam. I thought it was because my kernels were old, but using this popper solved the styrofoam issue.

I bought popcorn salt and I sprinkle it over my popcorn kernels before putting it in the microwave. Sometimes I add more on top after too. Table salt is too coarse and just falls off the popcorn, so this is important if you want your popcorn salted.

If you want butter, melt some in the microwave, pour over your popcorn, and stir.

So, now there's no need for the disposable packets! And so much easier than stove-top.

When we went to a drive-in movie, I used one of my produce bags to take it with me!

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