April 29, 2019

That Time I Went to Nassau Bahamas... Again...

This was the second time I visited Nassau. Last time was a year and a half ago. And I will be going back three times over the next 12 months.

It's hard not to if you want to go on an inexpensive cruise like I did on the Carnival Liberty, and/or leave out of the northeast.

This time was not all that different from the last time...

We ordered some breakfast to be delivered via room service and then lounged around until about lunch time. 

After getting off the ship we wanted to get our passports stamped again. Well, I wanted to get my passport stamped as I had to get a new one because my last name is different now and Husband came along for the ride. Sidenote: changing your last name is SUCH a pain in the ass. If you like your last name, and get married, maybe just keep it. I didn’t like my maiden name so I guess it was worth it. 

We walked up to a little booth that has a guy that keeps people from going the wrong way when heading towards town.

My screenshots photos are bad because I was pretending not to be videotaping the journey. 
He told us to go to the building that’s on the left...
 go inside...
 turn right...
and go to the last door on the right. We walked in and they reached out for our passports, we didn’t need to explain. 

There were three things I wanted to do after this: 1) find out if I went to the wrong Tiki Bikini Hut last time, 2) go back to Pirate Republic brewery, and 3) go to the Queen’s Steps. 

Spoilers, we didn’t make it to the Queen’s steps, but I have two more chances this year to do it and will do it first next time. 

So we set off to Junkanoo Beach, <10min walk, to find the Hut.

We arrived at what we thought was the Tiki Bikini Hut last time and it mostly looked the same, except there were a lot more people and it seemed more festive. 
But I didn’t see a big sign advertising drink specials as I saw on Facebook, so we decided to keep walking and see if there was another one and this one was masquerading as the real one. 

We walked for 10 minutes until we got to another area on the beach with shops and restaurants. It looked worse than Tiki looked last time. 
The ocean looked nice though. 

We determined that there wasn’t another one and walked back. This time as we approached, a guy on stilts leaned down and thrust a flier in my face.  
I assumed it had the specials on it and it did! 
Except it was “coupons” for the specials. Which was fine for us because we got one, but I looked back later and the stilts guy wasn’t there giving them our, so its either a first-come-first-served thing or just right-place-right-time.

I walked all around and looked all around and it did seem that you had to have the flier to get the special (contrary to what I'd seen on Facebook).

They did have a sign for a beach chair-or-something rental, so if what you want is a beach that you can walk to, it’s a good choice. If you want cheap drinks but don’t get a flier, go somewhere else. 

The special was 3 beers and 3 shots. And luckily I asked because it wasn’t any shots. My plan was to order three whiskeys and a Diet Coke or two. It was my choice of three pre-made mixed shots and the way to choose was to decide if we wanted rum, vodka, or tequila. I would have gotten one of each but Husband ordered before I finished deciding. He liked the rum one better; I liked the vodka one better. 
The beers we picked were a Kalik Radler (missing its label) for me because its fruity and sour (per Husband) and he got the Kalik Gold. He really liked his beer and got a second, and a third one (the last was an additional $5). I liked my thing, but it was hardly beer at all, it was only 2% abv (beer is ~5%). 
Drinks were otherwise not cheap.
We also tried to order some food. Husband picked the jerk pork spare ribs. Also not cheap. 
And after a long while, we finally asked our waiter about it. Turns out that when we placed the order with the manager, he didn’t actually ring it in. 

So we waited longer and did finally get them. We'd said yes to fries which turned out to be another $4 (the ribs were $28!). They were very good and it was a decent amount of food for lunch, but not $32 worth. 

I forgot to take a photo of our ribs, but did get one of our neighbor's lobster burger. It was crazy. 
Had we wanted to go to the beach, this is actually not a bad spot. It's not the prettiest beach, but not too shabby for a free beach. 

Our next stop was the Pirate Republic Brewery which was on the way back to the ship. We went there on our last visit to Nassau, and Husband liked it a lot, so if you like beer and are in Nassau, check it out. 
They were running a promo which was a t-shirt and two beers for $28. Not a bad deal and Husband liked the shirt. It’s a fun logo, I have to admit. And the shirt is red(ish). 
He ordered me a cocktail called the Wrecked Pirate that came out blue (usually a good sign) but it was very strong on the Malibu and tasted like a tanning salon. 
It was better after I squeezed in the lemon and got used to it. The coconut was just a little surprising with the blue color.
I noticed that they have a food menu, and I think we’ll likely have lunch there next time. 
By the time Husband finished his two beers, we didn’t really have time to go to the Queen’s steps, so instead of rushing, we decided to save it for next time. 
For both of his beers, he got the Citra-Me-Timbers because he liked it a lot last time we were there.

We headed back to the ship and set sail for Freeport which was the first time for us, but like Nassau, we will be seeing again soon!

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