January 25, 2019

That Time I Ate The Most Stuf...

I was at the supermarket and I saw THESE:


That's right. For a limited time, you can enjoy these "Most Stuf" Oreos...

What does that mean?!... It's more than Double Stuf, more than Mega Stuf, it's MOST STUF.

So I had to to some science. I bought all the kinds of Oreos.
I only got 6 regular because they are basically garbage.

And I opened them up.
I only got 8 Double Stuf cause money.

 Then I lined them up in height order.

And then I ate them!

Frankly, the Most Stuf is the amount that I want every time I eat Oreos. I usually turn Double Stuf into "Quadruple" Stuf.

Regular Oreos can go to hell. Thins are actually better than regular; but they're not really Oreo-like except in flavor.

 Finally, the Most Stuf has achieved the Stuf-quantity I want, without the wasteful chocolate part!
The Stuf was so thick, I could easily peel it off the cookie and eat it plain!

This experiment was inspired by some guy's measurements from when the Mega Stuf came out:

Well I didn't do as many calculations as that guy did, but I weighed the Most Stuf on my kitchen scale and it weighed in at ~14g... 3.87x Stuff!

Yes. Exactly what I wanted. To do the math for you, it's 1.08x the Double Stuf amount. Bonus Stuff!

For fun, I also made an Octuple Stuf.

Nom nom nom. The End.

*This blog post NOT brought to you by Oreo :)

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