December 15, 2018

That Time I Became a Travel Agent...

Basically. I love talking about and booking cruises so much that I decided to see if I could make money doing it!
Seriously - I start so many days asking Husband "can we book a cruise today?..."

I'm pretty sure that booking cruises for other people will give me at least half the satisfaction of doing it for myself.

I really like planning/organizing events so it just makes sense. And no, I'm not quitting my job or anything. I found a way to just do it in my spare time and see how it goes.

I picked the name Abada Travel and found out that I could sign up with a "host agency" which means that I use their credentials, get access to all sorts of training, and just have to pay them a bit each month.

After signing up with Travel Quest as my host agency, I got an email that said my welcome package was on it's way.  I thought it would be some fun swag!

The box arrived and it was dense and heavy. I realized immediately that it was completely full of travel brochures.

The environmentalist in me shuddered at all this paper. I guess this is intended for people who have a physical location for their agency, for which clients can come in an leaf through the booklets.

But it's fine. I'll flip through the ones that are for travel that I'm less familiar with.

I did go through them and find the Carnival book. This and the pen were the best items in the box. I figured I'd read through it and find out a little more about my favorite cruise line.  

Then I got genuinely excited when I came to the section of deck plans.  It's so weird. I LOVE deck plans. I also love housing floor plans so while equally weird, it makes sense. I was glad to find some value in the box of paper I received.
I will actually use this. All the time. I'm guessing that the other cruise line brochures also have the deck plans for all their ships. I'll have to give them a look as well!

So far I've done all the training for Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean cruise lines and will continue training on other kinds of travel, and I'm excited to get started!

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