August 24, 2018

That Time I Tried to Get My Umbrella Back...

Remember when I used to hate taking the bus? Me too. But since then, I watched a documentary about a guy who wanted to lower his carbon footprint to zero, and my employer has an option to get a hugely subsidized community-bus pass, resulting in buses being my primary mode of transportation.

So I was on the bus, and about 10 minutes after I got off for a dentist appointment, I realized I'd left my umbrella on it...
I immediately called the bus office in an attempt to get it back.

They won't call the buses for lost items that aren't "of value" but she suggested I might be able to grab it when it came back around. If not, if it gets turned in, I could get it from the office the following day.

This was pretty discouraging. However, my dentist appointment was over just before the bus would be back, so I waited.

And 10 minutes later, there it was in all it's glory.

Until the driver opened the door. I immediately recognized that it was a different bus. They had swapped out the bus three stops after I got off because the card-swipe thing wasn't working. Taking my umbrella with it!

And the driver had changed also, so I couldn't ask the one I had if she'd found it.

I was more encouraged because at least my umbrella probably went to the bus depot and would be found and taken to the lost and found.

How wrong I was... As you probably guessed from the use of "try" in the name of this post.

I went to the office the next day and they did not have it! Now I'm pissed because there was maybe one rider on the bus when I got off (unlikely as they most likely wouldn't have even seen it), so unless they spotted it and stole it, a bus employee stole it.

Which is bullshit. If the drivers are not required to turn everything they find into lost and found then they I should be able to get in contact with the drivers (via dispatch) before they have a chance to keep it!

Now I have to pick between supporting the environment by taking public transportation, and showing my displeasure by cancelling my bus pass. Probably the environment is going to win :(

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