November 16, 2017

That Time I Rode a Bike...

Recently my campus got a ride share program called Zagster.

I was interested in it as it is sometimes difficult to get from point A to point B in a timely manner. I signed up for an account right away and finally gave it a try today....
It works either by text or a smartphone app. I located a bike at a nearby station, or which several are located around campus.
 I followed the instructions to unlock the bike of my choice, put my purse in my basket and off I went... feeling just like Lorelai.
What I learned en route to my destination is that I'm even less in shape than I thought. I knew that all the walking up stairs on my cruise two weeks ago was going to be hard. I even had to do the elevator a couple of times on the last day because my legs weren't getting time to heal.

A slight uphill on the bike CRUSHED me. I am aware that the campus is sloped but it's not that noticeable when walking. On the bike was another story. It's exactly like walking up stairs, very steep ones. I lowered my gear which helped a little but eventually had to walk part of the way. Yes, this was embarrassing.

I reached the nearest Zagster location to where I was going, locked my bike up and skipped away (okay, I didn't really skip).

The return trip was all downhill and I had no problem on the way back.

I like the program in theory. There was one time that I was on foot and wanted to grab a bike but the station I went to had none available. I wasn't on a time crunch so I just walked, but had I been counting on the bike I'd have been upset. I may try to use it more now, just to get a different kind of exercise than walking.

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