October 12, 2017

That Time I Finished Saving All My Pennies...

A year ago I started an experiment where I picked up every single coin I saw on the ground. This included some less accessible ones, and stopping short in front of people just to pick up a penny.

Yes, for the last 12 months I have been real-life Mario...

In full disclosure, I thought I started in October last year but turns out it was September, so my experiment went a month long. Since some of the coins I picked up didn't make it into my collection, I'm still going to call it 12 months worth.
Not tremendously impressive, but not completely pathetic, my grand total was.....

$4.18 USD
$.40 HKD

Yes. I found 40 Hong Kong cents... Which Google tells me is worth 5 US cents. It counts. I also found some actually bills, but didn't count those as most people pick those up if they spot them.
With this money, I'm going to buy 7 cans of Diet Coke (my office stocks them in the fridge and charges 50 cents a can), and put the pennies in my coin bank to be Coin Star-ed in the future.

Think about that next time you drop change on the ground and don't bother to pick it up. Tune in next year for 2018's coin haul!

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