April 01, 2013

Movie Monday: April '13 Edition

Why tell you what to see when I can show you?

April 5

The Brass Teapot

If for no other reason than BECAUSE RORY (Alexis Bledel) IS IN IT!

The Company You Keep

I don't care for Susan Sarandon but I sure like me some crime movies.

No Place on Earth

I can't imagine this will come to my theaters, but I really like documentaries so I'm posting this as a reminder to see it eventually.

Evil Dead

I have no interest in seeing this one. But I know tons of other people do so, yeah.

April 12


Well this one's going to get an Oscar nomination.

Scary Movie V

Why are these still a thing?

Into the White

Silly Nazis. They think they can just take over anything they want.

April 19


Sure. Why not?

April 24

At Any Price

I love Zac Efron. That is all.

April 26

Arthur Newman

Colin Firth!

The Numbers Station

I predict John Cusack gets rained on.

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