August 19, 2011


These are some pictures from when I went on a day trip to NYC a few years back. I went with my brother Jimmy and my friend Shannon.

We went to the Macy's at Harold's Square. There was too much stuff too be able to look at it all. But what we really got a kick out of (regretting the use of that phrase) was the old-fashioned wooden escalators they still have (had?).

Then we headed over to Columbia University, Jimmy's alma mater.

Columbia's subway stop

Jimmy had some stuff he wanted to do there before heading off to Japan in a couple months, such as spinning the tooth.

Action shot.

No it's not really a tooth and I don't know if everyone calls it one or just Jimmy and his friends. But it spins and I think you do it for luck or something.

Nearby the Columbia campus is this very recognizable restaurant.

You may have seen this picture previously on my blog...

It's completely different inside so we didn't bother. We just took a photo and then grabbed some giant pizza.

It was yummy too!

At the end of our voyage, we went to Little Italy.

No, not the best picture. This is from my younger days.

And we got some authentic-ish gelato.

Gun to my head, couldn't tell you the name of the shop.

So good!


  1. I have a friend that just moved to NYC, and I like to tell myself that some day, some how, I am going to visit her, and we are going to do cool New York stuff (eat food and take pictures).

  2. Well if it ever does happen I'll totally meet up with you cause my parents are just a short train ride away!