April 13, 2011

The Fabric of Our Lives

You all know how much I like commercials. Today I am bringing you another best/worst commercials: Celebrity Edition!

Best is the newest Cotton commercial featuring Zooey Deschanel. Is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen? And you can even download the song on Cotton's website.

But then there's this incredibly unfortunate Sim's commercial Donald Faison made. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I mean he goes from Clueless, to Scrubs to this poo-fest? Come on Turk, you're better than this. We haven't seen Zach Braff either for a while. How about a Scrubs Movie? I know it would be pretty crappy but I would see it. Over and over. And it would be better than this commercial.


  1. Um, I want that game. It is so sandbox. And don't hate on him! I would feel like way more of a sellout singing the fabric of our live theme song while someone got an unnecessary close up on my ass. At least he's getting paid to be funny.
    Even if, yeah, he's like 40 and should be doing more serious roles.

    I am still buying this game. Thank you for alerting me to to it!

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw that stupid Sims commercial. But you already knew that, right? You know, since we're the same person and everything...

  3. I love Zooey Deschanel and those cotton commercial songs always get stuck in my head! haha. I didn't realize there was a new one; she did one a few years ago that I saw, but I hadn't seen this one until you posted it!

    And as much as I liked Scrubs and the Sims are cool, that commercial is lame! lol I saw it the other day. Why are the Sims going medieval anyway?! I like the idea of a Scrubs movie! If they got the original cast then it'd be better than that 9th season!

  4. @Erin: I wasn't hating on Turk, but he's so bad in that commercial. I'm sure it's not his fault. Glad I could inform you of the game!

    @Stacey: Yeah duh!

    @Perfumeandpromises: Even though I don't know why Cotton needs to advertise (just like I don't know why milk does) I do always love their commercials.

  5. @Lauren Good point! I never thought about why cotton or milk would need ads! They probably don't, but I like them anyway, haha. I didn't realize it wouldn't put my name like it does on Wordpress. I'll do it the same way this time, but next time I'll sign in with name/URL maybe! Oh, and I was thinking of your blog last night when I watched Happy Endings and saw the girl from "fake Scrubs" (because that last season shouldn't really count as part of the series! well, it did have a subtitle of "med school" or something, right?).
    -Lauren (yes, I'm another Lauren!)

  6. Okay from now on I am calling you Lauren II in replies because otherwise it will look like I'm addressing myself. Yeah fake Scrubs was pretty crappy but Denise was awesome she was also one of the interns in the last season(you know, the second last season, the one on ABC...) but she wasn't around that much. If you sign up for Google friend connect you can change the display name that shows up. But that would be inconvenient if you don't already stay logged into Gmail. I signed up for a wordpress account because I was tired of having to fill all the stuff in to leave comments :P

  7. haha, I like that nickname!

    Oh, I forgot about that season! You're right, she was a cool intern then!

    I don't have time right now, but I'll have to try that Google friend connect or I may even have a Blogspot account from a while ago that was never used! So I try that too. Thanks!