August 26, 2010

Tiger and Zippy

In the middle of the whitest part of Pennsylvania, all the whitest people in that part of Pennsylvania flock to the mother of all carnivals. The Grange Fair! Food, games, rides, livestock, and best of all, people living in tents and campers on the perimeter of the fair grounds for the duration of the week. Yeah. Exactly. Today, I decided to try my luck at a game booth where you throw ping pong ball at fish bowls and you win a gold fish. 

Somehow I managed to win two of them. Then I proceeded to pour them out of the cups they came in, which were those punch-sized cocktail plastic cups, into my empty water bottle. Seemed like a good idea so that I wouldn't spill water everywhere. And it was a great plan, until I left the bottle at work after wards with all the video equipment I had with me. 

So now Tiger and Zippy are in a water bottle, in turquoise water, in the dark, in the edit room... I'll try to go get them tomorrow. Hopefully they wont be dead, but theres no way im going back tonight. so not worth it. and the dollar I spent to win them... Sorry PETA.

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